Resume tips:

- List your previous employment with dates.  You may want to list a

  very brief reason for leaving, but this is not necessary.  Reasons for

  leaving can be discussed during the interview. 

- List your skills and achievements.  Most important:  do not

  exaggerate or misrepresent your skills or experience.

Interview tips: 

- Dress appropriately for the position.  For a medical job, you may

  want to wear a neat, clean, pressed plain shirt and slacks. 

- Try to wear unscented (non smelly) body lotion, cream, deodorant,


- Don't wear strong or smelly perfume, body lotion, cream,  etc.

- Turn off your phone or put it on airplane mode prior to entering the

  interviewing location.  Do NOT look at or use your phone during your

  interview unless asked to do so.

- Don't eat strong smelling foods prior to the interview.

- Don't chew gum during the interview.

Clear Placement

Job Search Guidelines:

When looking for a job, you want to present the best side of yourself.  First and foremost, you need to monitor your social profile.  As much as we like free expression and our right to free speech, your social profile may affect your job search.   Making your settings private does not always mean no one will see them.  Anything electronic and on the internet can be found.  The best way to have your social profile present the best "you" is to monitor all posts.  Review and remove any and all photos and posts that may misrepresent you and that you may not want others to see.   

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